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Things to Consider When Getting a Home Inspection

A home inspection is going to be needed if you have found the home in this area you are considering buying. Why do you need this inspection? One thing that the inspection will do is tell you if the home is worth the asking price. It may sound like a good deal and you may think it is, but how much do you know about this house?

Inside and Out, from Top to Bottom, the Inspection Must be Thorough

Have you checked the structural aspects of the house? Homes in the east Tennessee area can have problems that are unique to this area with the climate. Because so many split level homes, there are often more issues with mold and mildew in the area.

Do you know how to check them? What about the foundation? When you choose a home inspection, qualified professionals look at all aspects of a home and check for problems that are not visible to the untrained eye. The roof may look fine, but there may be signs that it is leaking in the attic.

A home inspection will entailing looking at the outside of the home as well as the inside. The exterior of the home will be checked for broken windows, signs of significant settling of the home resulting in it sloping in one or more spots and proper drainage. If water is standing in the backyard and it has not rained for a month, there is a problem somewhere. Is the air conditioning system functioning properly? How about the heating system?

There are many things that are considered when an inspector conducts a home inspection. If the home has a chimney, is it in good shape? When outside or inside lights are turned on do they flicker? This is probably a sign of an electrical problem. Is there hot water when the faucet is turned in the hot position? The water heater should be inspected as well.

Does the flooring on the inside of the home feel solid? If there are weak spots, this could be floating that needs replaced and the reasons could vary. Termite inspections should be conducted as well as checking for infestations from other pests. A home inspection is necessary for new homes as well as existing ones. While most new homes are built by reliable construction companies, there are a few that cut corners when it comes to the materials used or other aspects of construction.

When you insist on a home inspection, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that within a few months of moving into your new home, you will not have to start repairing or replacing major parts of the home. Your family's safety will be in jeopardy if electrical problems exist or features of the home, such as fireplaces do not work correctly.

Does the home have sprinklers and if so are they in good working condition? There are so many aspects of a home inspection that it is best left to the professional. So, while you are looking at the home you think you want to buy, it may look fine, but when it comes right down to it, the inspection process is very necessary. This will tell you in the opinion of a professional if the house is worth the asking price or if it is going to be a money pit.

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