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Time To Replace The Roof – Signs To Look For

The rains have stopped and the trees are all green. The sun shines bright and in some homes, the roof has once again begin to leak, just like last year. It is time to take a considered decision. Whether or not to go in for a roof replacement? It's a tough decision, both from the time as well from the budgetary point of view. You have contacted your rofer and he comes over for another round of inspection. His conclusion is still the same. He suggests that it is imperative for you to go in for a roof replacement and repair is not an option now as the small leaks which exhausted last year have become larges patches on the wall, and they might soon lead to structural damage to the house. You decide to go in for a second opinion. You try and contact another roofer and he also makes the same suggestion.

There is a time in every house's lifetime when it requires a roof replacement. Depending upon the initial roofing for the house, the maintenance during the life of the roof and the external weather conditions, the roof requires repairs as well as replacement. There are certain tell tale signs which indicate that a roof requires replacement. They are as follows: –

· Age of the roof. The normal life of a roof is approximately 15 years depending upon the maintenance of the roof. After this time, there are regular cases of leaks and torn flashings reported in any roof.

· Missing or torn shingles. If the number of missing tiles and shingles in a house are huge, then its best to replace the roof, rather than going in for a repair.

· Condition of interior walls touching the roof. The condition of the walls touching the roof is a clear indication of the time required for the roof to be replaced. In case there is loss of paint, or moisture marks on the walls indicating the seepage of water, then its time for the roof to undergo major repairs.

· Extreme weather conditions have exposed a part of the house from the top and a situation has come where a minor patch will not help calls for a roof replacement. The major cause of accelerated roof deterioration is its exposure to repeated and prolonged snow, hail, rains, and direct sunlight. In places where any one or a combination of these is found, the life of a roof is small.

Besides the causes mentioned above, there are a few other reasons which could lead to a situation where the roof has to be replaced. These include a faulty design in the beginning, improper material being used while constructing the roof, and other external factors.

The decision to be taken when going for a roof replacement has to be a deliberate one. It will involve a careful selection among a multitude of factors. They shall include budget, time at hand, requirement of alternative living space, weather conditions etc. Once the time arrives, it is best to go in for the relocation without further delay as the delay may hurt the other parts of the house, besides you incurring more loss. Take advice from an experienced roofer and make a proper contract. Ensure that a proper insurance cover is also given. All these steps will take you a long way in making sure that the roof over your head is a good one and lasts you a long time.

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