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Tin Roofing – Advantages And Disadvantages

Whether you are just beginning to build your home or renovating a current one, there will be decisions to be made as to what sort of roofing materials to use. You certainly have a lot of choices. Tin roofing may not always be on the top of the list – especially with commercial builders. But tin does have several advantages. The material was used a lot in the 1800's due to its ease of production and installation. If you drive through the country, you can still see that much of the tin roofing remains standing.

Tin roofing can be produced in thin sheets making it lightweight and, in turn, easy to handle. The initial cost can be high although continuous tin being the cheapest of all building materials. The material is notorious for being noisy (especially during those rainy days) and a professional roofer is required to install it, which is where much of the high cost comes from. The roofer will make sure it is properly sound proofed, alleviating the possible headaches you may get from the tapping of rain or hail on your roof.

Tin is, obviously, a metal. Despite being highly resistant to corrosion, the material covering the tin can wear off over time. This is especially true if you live in areas that produce high amounts of rain or snow. With a prolonged beat it can rust. Proper maintenance is required with every roof, tin included. To prevent this oxidation from occurring you should treat it on a regular basis and make sure it is properly maintained. Be it bad dirt or simple wear, there are some chemicals that are very mild in nature which can help you to get rid of it. These chemicals can also serve to protect the tin if you painted it.

While far from being a popular choice, some people will choose tin whether they are putting the finishing touches on a new home or remodeling an old one. There are a couple of reasons for this. A tin roof is incredibly inexpensive and highly durable. There are not many drawbacks to using properly soundproofed tin roofing, but there is one important one: hurricanes. If you are living in an area that experiences hurricanes or very high winds, then tin is not the right choice for you.

Otherwise, regardless if you're building a new home or putting the finishing touches on a fixer-upper, tin certainly has to be on the short list of materials to be considered on any of those projects. Just be sure to correctly maintain the roof over the years with chemicals mean for treating tin. In order to make sure it is installed correctly and efficiently soundproofed, make sure to have it professionally installed by a licensed and bonded roofer. Taking these simple steps can let your tin roof last for generations, unlike traditional roofing materials that may only last 5 years.

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