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Tires; Recycle into Roofing

Believe it or not used tires can be made into roofing tiles and it turns out they have many advantages over other roofing materials. Tires into roofing; old tires made into roof tiles is being is done. There is a plant that is recycling 40,000 tires a day for roof tiles, so far it is the largest. They cut the tread into little squares and then coat them with a bunch of large granular sized sand pebbles and you stack them on the roof as tiles and they are suppose to work great. More factories are opening and a few are coming online right now. There are many groups systematically looking at all we throw away and using these materials which meets certain criteria to make things out of, especially in the building of structures. GreenMan Technologies has 8 Processing Facilities in USA. Below are some more websites, which are worthy and where you can learn more about the used tire tiles for roofing.





Rubber used tires are piling up in the nations dumps and along our borders with Mexico. They create hazards because rainwater is caught inside and remains stagnant and havens for Mosquitoes to lay their eggs. The piles of tires often catch on fire and are almost impossible to put out, while the smoke coming off of the melting rubber contains some of the most toxic substances known to mankind.

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