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Tool Shed Plans – Build a Shed Workshop

Who else wants to add value and a storage solution to their property? Rare thinking people such as you have discovered Tool Shed Plans make building a shed and workshop a lot easier than you might think, and more rewarding.

1. Getting Started

  • Pick-up a set of quality shed plans, there are many hard copy editions available at your local home improvement centers and book stores. However, downloading what you need from the internet is easier and less time consuming. The best sets of plans contain woodworking plans and blueprints for not only sheds, but also building garden furniture, picnic tables and garden arbors are included.
  • Check with your areas building and planning authorities, dealing with permits, setbacks, and easements first, will save you time and money. Using the shed plans and the information contained in them, will make completing the permit paperwork process easier. As many neighborhood organizations also have strict policies where privacy fences and storage sheds are concerned, require you presenting a set of professionally done plans and blueprints before sighing off on your project.
  • Establish a budget; Included with a set of building plans is a list of materials. Every item you need to build a shed is contained in this list, every board, nail, screw and building supplies used from the foundation to the roofing material is included. Take this list to your local building supply stores and get quotes from them, remember to have them include the delivery charges. These people are the pros, and know what suggestions to share with you about the best materials to use in your community. Roofing materials for instance, shingles with a twenty or thirty-year warranty, skylights or clear plastic roof panels, oil based or latex paints.

2. Site Preparations

  • After you have determined the proper setbacks and established where the easements are. You will need to rough in all your utilities, electricity for lights and power tools, plumbing for cleaning-up and a potty break, cable TV, the internet and phone services before starting the foundation.
  • Building the sheds foundation, Starts with the footing, the footing supports the entire weight of your shed and must withstand the effects of the wind, rain and snow. To ensure proper operation of the doors and windows your sheds foundation must be strong, plumb and level. Strict Adherences to your shed plans and local building and planning office guidelines governing which materials and the footings size and construction methods; will determine the life of your structure and its contents.
  • Establishing the grade, to direct the rain and melting snow away from the building, apposed to gathering around and under it. Standing in water your shed will suffer from its wood structure rotting, and mold causing problems for everything inside it. Install gutters, downspouts and drains, perimeter drains are also a great option. Establish a slope to channel water away from the foundation; help your shed and the cost of your investment reward you for many years.

3. Build a shed workshop

  • From the quotes you received, select your best option. Building materials suppliers are not all created equal. For your list of building materials and specific needs, delivery where and when you want it, pre-cutting lumber to the size you need, tool rentals and lastly a reasonable price Will make the difference in completing your project on time and budget a lot less stressful.
  • Schedule deliveries of the building materials you need, when you need them, and most importantly, where you need them. Having all your building materials at hand will save you the time you would otherwise waste running back and forth to the lumberyard. Also by having the delivery driver unload your stuff where you are, building a shed will save your back all the extra work.
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions that are included with your set of tool-shed plans, build a workshop. After you have settled into your new workshop, take advantage of all the woodworking plans and blueprints you received. Build yourself and the kids a garden swing and enjoy the accolades from your friends and family.

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