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Top 10 Reasons to Install Solar Panels

  1. Keep Money / Jobs at Home – The majority of the solar panels in the world are constructed in America. Installation workers, salesmen and even support technicians are all American workers – a great reason to install solar panels.

  2. Increased National Security – Our dependence on foreign oil has led to some of the largest conflicts of our generation. The more people who turn to local, sustainable forms of energy, the faster we get out from under the political pressures of oil dependence.

  3. Feel Good About Yourself – for doing your part to reduce dependence on foreign oil and create jobs here at home.

  4. Increased Home Equity – On average, adding solar to your home will increase your home equity by as much as $ 50,000 – this benefit provides the perfect reason to install solar panels.

  5. Renewable Energy Rebates – Both federal state governments offer rebates and tax credits for money spent on renewable energy. This can take as much as 75% of the original cost away, meaning that it will be less time before you reach that magical state where the system has paid for itself and the serious savings begin.

  6. Free Heat and Hot Water – Energy from the sun is free. Once the system has paid for itself you will be receiving free energy for life. No other reason to install solar panels is necessary.

  7. History Approves – Great thinkers like Albert Einstein have been theorizing that one day we would draw all our energy from the sun for centuries. It makes sense – the Sun is always 'on', it covers the entire planet and can not be controlled in the same way oil reserves are controlled and it is free.

  8. No More Ugly Constructions – Solar panels have come a long way and no longer have to destroy the sight lines of your home. Today's panels are sleek and can fit directly onto your roof. You can get solar 'shingles' even that can be built into your roof and are essentially undetectable while they gather energy for your home.

  9. Short and Long Term Savings – Rebates and tax credits will deliver immediate savings, and you reduced dependency on the 'grid' will deliver more. Over time, as the system pays for itself and the cost of energy continues to rise, your savings will grow exponentially.

1. You Love Our Planet – Solar energy is green. It is renewable. It just makes sense – what other reason to install solar panels do you need?

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