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Trailer Roof Repair – A New Roof Made Easy

Chances are you have seen motor homes parked beside people’s houses. These could be the huge travel RV’s or the compact pop-up styles. And you most likely notice them because they are draped with one those huge eye-catching, albeit unattractive, blue tarps!

Perhaps this is simply due to the owner’s motivation for protecting the item when it is not in use. Or, perhaps it is due to the fact that the roof is leaking. This is a common occurrence with these vehicles, as you well know if you own one yourself. The good news is there are wonderful new products on the market allowing you to make your own trailer roof repair.

Trailer roof repair used to be an expensive and laborious process that was only performed by some professional repair shop. Now you can purchase all the equipment you need to do this at home. The most popular product to use is termed EPDM. It is a rubber substance that can be brushed or rolled on to seal your traveling roof.

There are products made specifically for travel trailers that are light weight and durable. They offer protection against light foot traffic as well as UV reflectivity. This will, in turn, decrease the deterioration of the roof and increase the life of your vehicle by preventing leaks.

There are some preparations you will need to make prior to commencing with your trailer roof repair. The air conditioner, vents and skylights that you have in the roof will need attention. You should scrape off all the old caulk, which has most likely dried and cracked anyway.

Then you should re-seal around each of the penetrating items with all weather caulking by following the directions on the tube. Once this dries, you should thoroughly clean the entire surface with a brush to remove any road dirt, oils and debris. You must have a clean palette to apply the EPDM.

If you have any irregular surfaces when completing your trailer roof repairs, you might investigate the use of specially made fabrics for these areas. You might also want to consider replacing any screws that are not flush with the roof. This will facilitate a better sealing process.

These procedures require your careful attention but are very effective in prolonging the life of the trailer roof. It is also more cost effective to take these measures than to continue to let the roof leak. Throw out that big blue tarp, and apply a brand new roof to your favorite leisure vehicle.

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