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Unique Roofs From Around the World

The ceiling, aka the underside / interior of the roof, has long been a subject of great art and attention. Think the Sistine Chapel, the Church of St. Ignatius, the British Museum, etc. But what about the roofs themselves? Sure, roofs tend to be designed more for function than form, but you'd be surprised at what some architects have managed to come up with. Here are some of the most unique and interesting rooftops of buildings from around the world.

The Leaf Roof – Rio de Janeiro
This unique roof is actually located just outside of Rio de Janeiro, on a beautiful beach house overlooking the bright blue water. Builders Mareines & Patalano based the design on the shape of the tropical banana leaves native to Brazil. The layout of the roof takes advantage of the winds, providing natural ventilation.

Tongkonan Roofs – Sulawesi, Indonesia
The Tongkonan are the traditional, ancestral homes of the Torajan people of Sulawesi, Indonesia. The roofs are these houses are some of the most unique in the world. They are that roofs that use layers of split-bamboo to create a roof that has that distinctively unmistakable pointed, saddleback shape.

The House of the Five Senses – Netherlands
The House of the Five Senses is the name of the building that serves as the main entrance to the Efteling Them Park, the largest theme park in the Netherlands and one of the oldest in the world as well. The roof of The House of the Five Senses holds its own, very unique distinction: it is not only noteworthy for its size and design, but it is also the largest thatch roof in the world.

Casa Batllo – Barcelona
The roof of Antoni Gaudi's Casa Batllo is as surrealistic and dreamlike as the rest of the house. Like all Gaudi creations, the Casa Batllo has a visceral, organic quality to it combined with strange and astonishing color patterns as well as winding, oval designs. The roof is a patchwork of bright tiles that makes for the perfect cap this bizarre and impressive building.

The Core Roof, Eden Project – UK
"The Core" is the latest addition to the famous Eden Project, which includes the largest greenhouse in the world and a collection a giant, artificial biomes containing plant life from around the globe. The Core is Eden Project's educational facility, which combines classes and exhibits that seek to communicate the Project's central theme about the relationship between humans and plants. Its soaring, timber roof takes its inspiration from the plant kingdom.

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