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What Are The Most Popular Roofing Shingles?

When it is time to put a new roof on your home, it can be hard to decide what type of roofing you are going to use. There are many types of roofs that run the gamut of costs. In these economic times of hardship, it can be quite the investment when making this choice. The most popular and cheapest way to get a new roof is by using asphalt roofing shingles. While these are cheap as far as cost, they are in no way cheap when it comes to the quality of the materials used.

One way to save on costs is to go online and purchase your roofing shingles there. You can find asphalt shingles that are going to cost you less than any other place that you look for them. This is going to bring the cost of this investment down.

Asphalt shinglees are so popular because they last a long time as well as they are affordable. They are known to last up to twenty years and are made of materials that help to protect the home. This is the most important aspect of having a great roof on your house.

These shingleles have been around for a century and more. They started off by using rags that were soaked in asphalt and then covered in find chips of rocks and minerals. This process changed in the forties to using wood chips and recycled newspaper. These were not the safest materials, but were used until the seventies when fiberglass replaced the wood chips and recycled paper.

Today, these shingles come in many colors and styles and are very attractive when installed. They are also very easy to install. When they get damaged by bad storms, they can easily be replaced and repaired which is also going to save you a good deal of money.

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