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What Can I Repair My Roof With?

After a storm or fire, you may be asking yourself, "what can I repair my roof with?" There are a wide variety of things that can do the job, as well as many techniques for roof repair. The type of roof you have will determine the repair, and so too does the type of roof damage you're dealing with. Damage due to rot, moss, mold, hail, or fire all require different remedies. It's best to be prepared for any eventuality. That way when the time comes, you will not have to ask "what can I repair my roof with," because you'll already know.

Tools for Roof Repair
There are some mainstays any roof repairer will want to have on hand.

Pry Bar
Also called a crowbar, this tool is used to prop up tiles for removal, or to remove slate from a ceiling.

Tape and Plastic
Sometimes tape and plastic are an easy way to patch up a roof. This is just a short-term solution though.

Roof Type Determines Repair
In a lot of ways, the type of roof you have will determine what you need to repair it. A flat roof, a tile roof, and a slate roof will require different methods.

Tiles and Shingles
Tiles and shingles can be repaired quite simply. All you need are a few pry bars, and a new shingle to replace the damaged one. Just place the pry bars under the shingles that are resting on the damaged shingle. Once these are supported up, you should be able to pull out the damaged one, and then replace it with the new shingle.

You will need a pry bar to remove the slate ripper, and then use it to remove the broken slate and its nails. Then you simply slide in the new slate and attach it with a nail and the slate hook.

Identify Areas That Need Repair
There are several things that will have a need for repair. Before you can answer "what can I repair my roof with," you will first need to know the problem area.

  • Pipe flanges that are not installed properly will need repair.

  • Shingles blown off from wind will obviously need to be replaced.

  • If the gutter is attached to the roof with an incorrect angle, you will need to fix this.

  • If a tile is discolored, then it is probably damaged and should be replaced.

    Is It Time to Call a Professional?

    If there is a large portion of your home that is damaged (particularly if the damage was done by fire), the job may be too big for you to do alone. Call a professional and get an estimate of how much their services will cost. This can save you time, and keep you from undertaking a project that may be dangerous.

What can I repair my roof with is a fundamental question for all homeowners. With the right tools and knowledge, you can make most minor repairs. Just take your time to do the job right, and you should do well.

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