What Is The Best Type Of Roof For Your House?

There are many roof types to choose from when one sets about replacing a roof or building a new home. Which one is best for your house can be subject to a variety of factors such as the types of materials to be used on your home and roof, your own personal preferences, and what engineering feat that you hope to complete through the finished product. One roof factor that is cheaper to install but not as cheap to upkeep is the flat roof. This particular roof type was popular a few decades ago, but for areas of high rainfall it has proved problematic since water builds up and does not have a reliable runoff point. When building a home, you may wish to stay away from the flat roof and instead go with one of the following types:

Cross-Hipped Roof

This roof style has multiple run off points, and it makes for a great addition to L-shaped homes because it essentially takes as many different roofs with their own angles and runoff points. When water builds, drainage is easier to upkeep resulting in a great reduction from water damage compared to the flat roof and other roof types with less slope to them.

Pyramid Hip Roof

This roof style is exactly what it sounds like-a pyramid. Each side comes to a single point at the top giving water now to collect in the event of heavy rainfall. The design for the pyramid hip roof, however, works best with squarish homes that do not require roof coverage to take on any irregularities.

Hip Roof

Like the Pyramid Hip Roof, the Hip Roof is a style best suited for simply structured homes, particularly those with a rectangular shape. The two long sides are set up as trapezoids while the short sides are equivalent triangles. The point at the top is more of a straight line, though there are not any flat spots for water to collect.

Gable Roof

A favorite among residential owners, the gable roof is a very simple roof design that entails two parallelographs, which meets at a single point that also forms a straight line running slightly more than the length of the house itself. Gable roofs give water a safe runoff point and reduce the opportunities of mold buildup on the structure of the house itself since so much of the water is channeled off the home and to the ground below.

There are many more options that you can choose from to create the perfect roof for the perfect home. Your best option is to speak to a professional about how you may be able to meet all the needs of your home in the most cost effective manner possible.

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