Which Material is Right For Your Roofing Project?

A home needs not just good walls but a solid roof as well to ensure that it is protected well from what the elements can throw at it. Unfortunately as a home ages there are going to be times when the roof may need to be repaired or replaced. So in this article we offer some advice on what to do to ensure that you select the right kinds of material for your Wilmington roofing project or anywhere that you may happen to live.

The first thing one should be doing is to get a roofing contractor to come and have a look at your home and see exactly what needs to be done. It is best if you arrange for a couple of contractors to come and have a look and get each of them to give you a quotation for how much the work is going to cost.

After you have had the inspection carried out one can now decide which material is going to be used if the roof needs to be just repaired or if it needs replacing completely. Certainly for roof repairs it is best to go with the same material that currently covers yours, whilst for a replacement roof you can go for a wide variety of materials all worth considering. But what you need to know that the costs of each material used for roofing differs very and so do their characteristics as well.

Below we look at the kinds of materials most commonly used for roofing projects not just in Wilmington but in many other cities and towns across the US.

  1. The most commonly used material for repairing or replacing roofs on properties today is asphalt and which comes in non-organic or organic forms. The other roofing materials in this article may be more natural but unfortunately they do not last as long as asphalt which you can expect to last on a property for between 25 and 50 years, it also comes in a wide range of colors as well.

  2. Wood shingles is another material that people use for roofing and is made from Western Red Cedar because it contains properties that make it resistant to corroding or decaying. There are three categories of wood shingles used for repairing and replacing roofs. Category 1 is the one which will primarily be used by a contractor to repair or replace the main part of the roof whilst categories 2 and 3 are used more often to replace or repair the roof sidings.

  3. Wood Shakes give a roof a more natural look and it takes quite a long time for the work to be completed as each plank that is placed on the roof has to be saw or hand split. This type of roof also costs quite considerably more than either of the two mentioned above because of the work required to prepare it.

After you have chosen which material it is you are going to be using for our Wilmington roofing project now you need to spend time finding a contractor to complete the work for you. It is crucial that the roofing contractor you choose for the project is one who specializes in the materials that you have chosen so you know the work carried out is going to be of the highest standard which will ensure that the roof lasts for years to come.

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