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Why Roofing CRM Software Is Vital for Your Business

The most important aspect in the business cycle is the efficient retention and tracking of future, current and past sources of revenue; This especially applies to the roofing industry. This is why roofing CRM (customer resource management) software is all but a necessity.

A CRM is a system that does much of your customer management work for you. It stores records, tracks interactions, aids in writing estimates, and dozens of other features that will depend on the specific roof CRM you choose. Essentially it is like employing one or more full time assistants working for your business, recording and organizing information. Imagine how much more smoothly your business would run with two additional assistants picking up the slack. That is the service a CRM can provide, but without the extra cost of actually employing more workers.

Some benefits of a fully-featured CRM are sorting customers by location, progress status, location, marketing techniques, as well as estimate assistance and estimate comparison, scheduling management, customer tracking, project management, storing photos, detailed records and many more. '

Mapping prospective customers with current and past customers offers a powerful insight to customer demographics before a prospect is even visited. Home size, economic variables, and regional tendencies can all be derived at the glance of the screen before ever making the appointment. Strategically place your reps, plan your day, and retrieve directions by using this easy to use application of roofing CRM.

One of the most difficult aspects of the contracting industry is the ability to multi task sales, construction, and customer service. By incorporating an efficient planning function in your business you can literally "buy more time." A CRM calendar function allows you to see your pending appointments throughout your day without having to check an appointment book. Or better yet, synchronize with your appointment book and have everything up to date and available on all your devices.

As a business grows so does the need to archive documents such as contracts, invoices, warranty paperwork, etc. Keep all of these items, in addition to, before & after pictures, material bills, and permits in the CRM system without the worry of ever losing them again.

There are countless other benefits of working with a well-developed CRM. If you are in the construction or roofing industry, you owe it to yourself and your business to investigate a CRM system. It can only help your time management and customer retention.

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